Hello, I’m Sharron Attwood.

It probably didn’t surprise anyone when I launched Brand Etiquette. In fact, some saw it coming earlier than I did.

Combining my diverse  background in coaching, health science, beauty, NLP, styling, and experience in speaking, presenting, and

modelling – a personal brand business was 

simply bursting to be born. I’ve always been a willing ambassador for every school, company and community group I was a part of.

There’s something in me that drives me to give the very best of myself in representation of my peers. Then I was made redundant at the company I’d been dedicated to for over a decade, and suddenly I was lost. I’d attached so much of my identity and brand to theirs.

Who was I? What was I capable of doing?

I began a quest. I threw myself into one of my most passionate interests – personal development. When it started feeling a bit too self-indulgent, I morphed it into a business as a life coach. I began to be invited to speak at meetings of my peers. I spoke about first impressions, networking, and about confidence. I still couldn’t see my own niche evolving.

It took my mentors and some colleagues to give me a nudge in the right direction.

Brand Etiquette is the summation of knowledge gathered during a lifetime of ensuring business and individuals present well. It’s more than just a business – it’s my purpose. Having witnessed how hard people work at and in their business, but continue to struggle to create loyal client connections – I found I could identify the missing piece of the puzzle:

Awareness of who we project ourselves to be and the confidence to own our personal brand – to be the brand.

I utilise 15 years of corporate career experience – Banking, Recruitment, Government and Training – with another 13 years in Small Business, and finish it off with my cache of knowledge from a never-ending quest for excellent training.

We know the way people buy is changing. More and more consumers are looking to invest in a brand, and your brand is just as much about how you present as your business advertising. Your capacity to create connections, to network effectively and strategically, to leave an engaging impression on everyone you meet is supremely important. I know a strong personal brand will add to both your business and personal life. Bringing Brand Etiquette to you as a business owner, graduate, employee, or company is constantly rewarding.

Whilst life and business blend together for me, I also treasure time spent with my two boys and giving back to my community. As a past President of our school P&C, I am still actively involved in their fundraising activities. I love watching junior sport and dabble as a Dance Mum.