Personal Brand

“Your personal brand is whatever someone says about you after you have left the room”
What are they saying about you?
We all have a personal brand – weather we are in business or not. It’s your reputation – the expectation others have of you. It’s what you are known as or known for. 
What if I told you we could find out what they are saying? 

I work with clients as a one to one mentor, in workshops or via keynote style presentations to bring about clarity in their brand.

Understanding what others see in you is only half the job – we then assess if this perception is correct and ask, “Is it serving you?”

If it’s incorrect – how has this come about and what can we do to make it right? You may be getting offered opportunities that aren’t in alignment with your values or goals because you are misunderstood. Conversely you may be missing out on opportunities all together because of inconsistencies in your
Personal Brand, which just serve to confuse your audience.

It’s often said you have one chance to make a good first impression – and whilst there are complexities to explore in this area – for the most part it’s true. In this era of online communication and social media however – the days of isolating a face-to-face impression are over. Your brand is the sum total of how people get a sense of you in person, online, via social media and all other content you generate.